Experiences with the online format in the MBA program at the Faculty of Management at the University of New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


In March 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic caused a drastic shift from in-person classes to online learning, wherein classes were offered via digital platforms. This increased the focus on the online learning experience, especially on the challenges and the improvements that could be made to provide an engaging learning experience to students. A literature review of research on learning, in particular on online learning, was conducted to arrive at a set of best practices for improving the online learning experience. A survey of 35 MBA students, as well as a panel discussion with a smaller group of them, served to highlight several key issues related to the online mode of delivery such as the course delivery format (flipped approach/live virtual/self-study), handling time zone differences, increasing student engagement, facilitating group work, the optimal class structure (1.5 hours/3 hours), the quality and length of pre-recorded videos, and other challenges while taking online classes. Based on this analysis, the study presents recommendations to improve the current experience in online courses offered through the MBA program offered by the Faculty of Management (FOM) at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Fredericton.