The Influence of Training With Visual Biofeedback on the Predictability of Myoelectric Control Usability

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Studies have shown that closed-loop myoelectric control schemes can lead to changes in user performance and behavior compared to open-loop systems. When users are placed within the control loop, such as during real-time use, they must correct for errors made by the controller and learn what behavior is necessary to produce desired outcomes. Augmented feedback, consequently, has been used to incorporate the user throughout the training process and to facilitate learning. This work explores the effect of visual feedback presented during user training on both the performance and predictability of a myoelectric classification-based control system. Our results suggest that properly designed feedback mechanisms and training tasks can influence the quality of the training data and the ability to predict usability using linear combinations of metrics derived from feature space. Furthermore, our results confirm that the most common in-lab training protocol, screen guided training, may yield training data that are less representative of online use than training protocols that incorporate the user in the loop. These results suggest that training protocols should be designed that better parallel the testing environment to more effectively prepare both the algorithms and users for real-time control.