U.S Coast guard marine accident data base

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Over the last years different systems of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) have been developed. Different companies distributed different mapped areas with their packages, but the official installation of ENC’s as a navigational tool is far from complete. To get a picture of where installation of ENCs should have priority, this study on the Marine Accident Database (MAD) of the U.S Coastguard was done. The goal was to input the data into different data management systems, access and visualize it. To accomplish this task several computer systems and software programmes were used; a PC running inFocus (a combination of QUIKMap and FoxPro) and a SUN workstation running INGRES (a relational database). Towards the end of the study statistics were derived of different aspects of the accidents compiled in the MAD, not only concerning their geographical distribution but also their more detailed circumstances.