Responding to domestic violence in family law, civil protection & child protection cases - CanLII e-book

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This E-book has evolved from the research and writing of three editions of a bench book on domestic violence for Canadian Judges on behalf of the National Judicial Institute: Linda C. Neilson (2009) “Domestic Violence and Family Law in Canada: A Handbook for Judges” (Ottawa: National Judicial Institute) with Introductory Comments by Justice John F. McGarry, Superior Court, Ontario, published in electronic bench book format as “Domestic Violence, Family Law”; Linda C Neilson (2011, 2nd edition) “Domestic Violence Electronic Bench Book” (Ottawa: National Judicial Institute); and Linda C Neilson (2015, 3rd edition) “Domestic Violence Electronic Bench Book” (Ottawa: National Judicial Institute). The bench book was cited by the United Nations as one of Canada's major family violence works in the United Nations' (2012) “Handbook For National Action Plans on Violence Against Women” at page 28–29; it was also cited as the model to follow when developing similar practice materials for judicial use throughout Australia in Australia Law Reform Commission and New South Wales Law Reform Commission (2010) “Family Violence - A National Legal Response” (ALRC Report 114) (Australian Government). This e-book, while related to these works, has been updated and modified for lawyers and service providers.