Semi-automated knowledge acquisition from existing textual databases

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The introduction of this thesis looks at languages to represent plant operating procedures. Techniques that can be used to translate plant operating procedures from textual form to these languages are also explored. A context-free grammar representation of a knowledge base for plant operating procedures called GENeric Representation Language (GENRL) was developed. A noninteractive syntax checker for GENRL using Lex and Yacc was built. The design and partial implementation of GENRL Knowledge Acquisition Tool (GENKAT) were completed. GENKAT translated plant operating procedures from WordPerfect text files to a knowledge base whose structure was developed previously. This knowledge base consists of 14 different frames corresponding to fourteen generic tasks typical of plant operating procedures. GENKAT consists of two main components. The ftrst component accepts input from WordPerfect text files and produces a partially complete knowledge base. The second component allows the user to interactively modify the knowledge base. GENKAT was developed using Sed, Lex, Yacc and Con the SUN Sparcstation 2. It consists of 1975 lines of code. It was used to automatically translate chapter 5 (Normal Operations) and chapter 6 (Abnormal Operations) of the liquid zone control operating manual of the Pt. Lepreau generating station. This resulted in a total of 1125 GENRL frames. Four of the fourteen generic tasks are currently recognized.