Outline for a land information series in the historical section Atlas of Canada

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This is a feasibility study on the publication of a land information series for the historical section of the National Atlas of Canada. In the main part of the report the title, subtitle, aim, background, suggested presentation format, and a list of resources are presented for each of the eight sheets. The reason for the inclusion of each sheet is preceded by a general rationale in which the following three points are discussed: (1) This series is proposed as the first step in a strategy to overcome the “cartographic illiteracy” that is widespread in Canada. (2) Depiction of the main steps by which Canada emerged from a “terra incognita” to a very well-known land will help history teachers to describe our “victories” over nature that make our history dynamic as that of countries whose victories were over oppressors or invaders. (3) This series will be invaluable for those who need to see land information in Canada in perspective in order to make sound day-to-day decisions on the user of our most precious national resource – land. It is concluded that the production of these sheets is both feasible and desirable, and it is recommended that the compilation and production of these sheets should be undertaken as soon as possible.