Reasoning about physical systems in artificial intelligence

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This report, Reasoning About Physical Systems in Artificial-Intelligence, consists of several files: 1. master.doc is a file to print the whole documents. 2. list_not.doc is a list of notations used in this report. 3. list_fig.doc is a list of figures. 4. acknow.doc is acknowledgments of the author. 5. toc.doc is a list of table of contents. 6. intro.doc is an introduction chapter. 7. dynamics.doc is a discussion on dynamics systems. 8. rigid.doc is a discussion on solid systems. 9. liquid.doc is a discussion on liquid systems. 10. nuclear.doc is discussion on nuclear reactions. 11. qsim_env .doc is discussions on Qualitative Simulation and Envision physics reasoning systems. 12. dy-analy .doc is a discussion on reasoning about physical systems using dimensional analysis. 13. qpt.doc is a discussion on a physics reasoning system, Qualitative Process Theory. 14. hpt.doc is a discussion on a physics reasoning system, Hybrid Phenomena Theory. 15. property.doc is a comparison of physics reasoning systems. 16. conclusi.doc is conclusions of the discussions along with a brief discussion on commercial tool G2, and also open problems. 17. biblio.doc is a list of bibliographies. These files are written using the Microsoft Word version 2.0c and they are stored in Vermis under /home/grads/hartati/cstr directory. They are also stored in CORPUSC under /CORPUSC/HARTATVCSTR directory.