GPS design: Undifferenced carrier beat phase observations and the fundamental differencing theorem

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The primary theme of this report is a description of the problems and techniques involved in GPS network design. A secondary theme is that the undifferenced carrier beat phase observation equation is the most appropriate model to use (e.g Hatch and Larson [1985]), not only for GPS design work but also for final processing of GPS observations in a network adjustment. The GPS carrier beat phase observation equation proposed by Remondi [1985a] is first reviewed in its undifferenced form. It is then shown that this can be used to describe virtually any GPS observation type, using simple assumptions about what is known a priori and what is not. GPS design problems are reviewed. Zero-order design describe the datum definition. A three-step approach to first-order design, including redundancy design, configuration design, and logistics design, is defined. The redundancy design tool is developed and applied for several kinds of GPS solutions. Problems in configuration design are introduced, with some suggested approaches to their solutions. The basis for logistic design is laid. An approach to second-order design is given.