Multi-dimensional data structures for marine seismic data

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This thesis contains the results of an investigation into the design and implementation of spatial data structures for marine seismic data. An index structure, for marine seismic data in SEG-Y format, was designed using a modified PR quadtree data structure and implemented in the C++ computer language. To test the software and to evaluate the implementation of the structures, experiments were carried out with data from a seismic survey in the Mid Pacific Ocean. The section of the survey used spanned 6 days and consisted of 8 seismic lines. The total amount of data is 335.8 Mbytes with a total of 39752 shot points. It was shown that the modified PR quadtree structure was superior to the standard PR quadtree with an increase in 2D X/Y range searching speed varying from approximately 9% for the third 10 percent cover test to 67% for the 100 percent cover test. The modified PR quadtree structure groups the seismic shots into objects thus allowing pruning operations to be performed on the structure during a search. This pruning, in some cases, can result in large sections of the tree being accepted sooner during the search.