A theory-based primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive partners.

dc.contributor.authorFord-Gilboe, Marilyn
dc.contributor.authorMerritt-Gray, Marilyn
dc.contributor.authorVarcoe, Colleen
dc.contributor.authorWuest, Judith
dc.description.abstractAlthough intimate partner violence is a significant global health problem, few tested interventions have been designed to improve women's health and quality of life, particularly beyond the crisis of leaving. The Intervention for Health Enhancement After Leaving is a comprehensive, trauma informed, primary health care intervention, which builds on the grounded theory Strengthening Capacity to Limit Intrusion and other research findings. Delivered by a nurse and a domestic violence advocate working collaboratively with women through 6 components (safeguarding, managing basics, managing symptoms, cautious connecting, renewing self, and regenerating family), this promising intervention is in the early phases of testing.
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dc.titleA theory-based primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive partners.
dc.typejournal article
oaire.citation.titleAdvances in Nursing Science


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