Knowledge Representation for a Power Plant Interactive Operating Advisor

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The safe and efficient generation of electricity by power plants requires system operators who are and knowledgeable in their field. The knowledge for these system operators is highly competent primary source of the power plant system operating manuals which are prepared for all power plant systems which need to be operated and are fully comprehensive. The following document describes a generic expert system capable of incorporating the knowledge contained in these manuals. The approach to building the expert system is unique. Instead of using rules and frames directly to represent the operating manual knowledge, building blocks of different types of reasoning, called generic tasks, have been identified. Each building block is generic and reusable as a component of a more complex reasoning task. The expert system is able to advise the system operator on the appropriate course of action during system start-up, running, and shutdown, under both normal and abnormal operating conditions. A prototype expert system entitled "Power Plant Interactive Operating Advisor" was built for the Point Lepreau Liquid Zone Control System. A discussion is given on automating the knowledge acquisition process for power plant operating manuals.