Optimization and design of deformation monitoring schemes

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A methodology for the optimization and design of integrated deformation monitoring schemes has been developed in this research. Examples with real and simulated data are given which demonstrate the usefulness of the newly developed methodology. It is now possible to design integrated deformation monitoring schemes with any type of geodetic and geotechnical observations scattered in space and time to monitor any type of deformation. The methodology includes all the intentions of the conventional First Order, Second Order and Third Order Designs of geodetic networks by allowing for separate or simultaneous optimization of the geometrical configuration and weights of heterogeneous observables of a monitoring scheme analytically. It allows for a simultaneous consideration of all the quality aspects, i.e. precision, internal and/or external reliability, sensitivity and economy of a monitoring scheme. The developed methodology can be used for the optimal design of either one-two-, or three-dimensional monitoring schemes. An extension of its application to the optimal design of any geodetic networks for engineering purposed is quite straight forward.