Learning in the New Brunswick workplace: a qualitative analysis of small business employers

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University of New Brunswick


Workplace learning is a complex concept to understand and to define. The use of interchangeable terms, the inconsistency between definitions and the lack of clarity surrounding the nature of the learning, make it difficult to assess the types, and the overall level of learning that occurs in the New Brunswick workplace. Not to mention, the reports and surveys conducted in New Brunswick failed to offer the employer the opportunity to expand on or to reflect on how they choose to engage their employees in learning or training activities. Through a series of in-depth interviews, this research helps shed light on the experience and on the needs of twelve small business employers in a variety of sectors across the province. Specifically, this research will help address a distinct gap in the literature by offering an enhanced understanding of the experience of small business employers in New Brunswick and uncovering the factors (limitations, opportunities) determining their decisions around investing or not investing in workplace learning.