Trail of poems: an unexpected journey into adult education and central European Canadian studies

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University of New Brunswick


In this thesis I employ a qualitative research methodology, arts-based autoethnographic research, to explore, illuminate, and answer my central question: How do I, an artist-poet, become a Canadian Studies practitioner in Central Europe, a translated and published author in Central Europe, a graduate student-learner in adult education, and an adult educator in Central Europe and Canada? My choices for data to analyze include prose, poetry, and photographs by me. My project titled Trail of Poems-a public, off-campus, art gallery installation-exhibition and writer-in-residence performance-was arts-based research in action. I reflect on the significance my experiences may have for others. My findings include critical insights, limitations, and future research considerations for myself and others. I identify outdated binaries and gaps in adult education theories and practices, gaps in arts-based education research, and gaps in Canadian Studies literature in Canada and Central Europe.