Teacher Recruitment and Retention in New Brunswick

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New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training


This study investigates the provincial and occupational retention rates of teachers in New Brunswick (NB). Schools and school districts in NB are faced with notable demographic shifts and a rising number of retirements among senior teachers. They are also challenged with the dual responsibility of upholding teaching standards and the ongoing recruitment and retention of their teachers. To help support the province’s schools and districts in these goals, it is imperative to understand trends in teacher recruitment and retention in the province and to identify factors that may be associated with decisions to transition out of teaching. Using a unique linked administrative data set that combines individual-level Teacher Payroll Data, Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission Graduate Data and Citizen Data (Medicare Registry), we address three questions on different dimensions of teacher transitions: 1. At what rate do Bachelor of Education (BEd) graduates from NB post-secondary institutions live and work as teachers in NB? 2. What affects a teacher’s decision to exit from employment in the public school system (including both retirement and pre-retirement exit)? 3. Do teachers that leave the NB public school system stay in NB or leave the province?